Why and when you should redesign your website?

Why is it required to go for a website redesigning?

In the present trend, every business needs an effective website. With a significant growth of online users, it is very essential for a small business to have an online presence. Without having an effective website it is very difficult for business owners to their business to next level.

Below points will give you a fair idea on when the website should redesigned.

No sales are leads are generating from your website: In spite of receiving traffic if there is no leads are sales then there is a problem in the website. There may be some critical things missing in the website which is not showing result in lead generation and sale conversion.

Break in customer flow on the website: We can call this as conversion funnel. These are the stages where a customer navigate on your website pages and reach his goal. If you find the flow of your customer is breaking and not reach the desire page then it is the point to find the reason.

Outdated design: Visual appearance is an important factor for a website. Every day the technology is changing and if your website is not upgraded as per it, then you may lose your site visitors. Outdated design will not reach your user mind and they tend to skip your site.

Trust and credibility issue: In the present tech world, users are more concern about their online security. It is very much necessary for an online business to create a trust in their customer mind. Both the design and other security features create an impact with your customers.

High bounce rate: If you website shows a very high bounce rate, then your visitors are not staying or moving out of your website soon. Google analytics will help you in giving these details. There will be number of reasons for this. Your website may not have an appealing design or the users may feel difficult in navigating your page. An effective website helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

Website loading time is high: If your website takes too much of time in loading then your visitors move on to your competitor’s site. The issue may be with your website coding, hosting space or it may have heavy images which slow down the loading speed. These issues need to be fixed to give an optimal browsing experience for your users.

Non responsive web design: More and more users are moving on the mobile for their net surfing. So it is must for a business to have a responsive website. If your website is not a responsive design then your visitors are like to move away. Analytical tools will give you the clear picture on what kind of devices your users are coming from. There is a sharp increase on mobile users.

Ineffective navigation: If your website navigation is not easy for your user to find what they are looking then you are missing your user base. An effective website navigation guide your user to the right page without making it complicated.

Missing call to action: It is necessary to have proper call action items to move your users from one point to other. For ex. A button for contact us, signup here, click to explore etc., by this way you can achieve your website goal. An effective call to action items converts your potential lead to sales.

Your website is not customer centric: A common mistake done most of the business owners is creating their website according to their wish. They fail to create the website keeping their customer in mind. It makes sense for business owner but not for their customers. So, it is highly recommended to create the website on how it will facilitate their customers.

Your website is not search engine friendly: After creating a website the next immediate step is to get promoted online to increase awareness of your business. If your website is not SEO friendly and created as pre the SEO guidelines then it will be difficult to get visible online.

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Hope the above points have put on some lights on when and why a website redesigning is required.
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