Which one we should choose for your business - SEM or SEO?

SEO or SEM which one to choose for your business

In the present business word, search engine plays a crucial role in promoting the small business. Irrespective of the business, people are going online to check for solutions. So, for a small business having an online presence become a must option. After taking their business online the next step is to promote it and get noticed in their respective business. Here the decision of choosing SEO or SEM is best for their business.

Now every business knows the importance of having an online presence and how it helps their business in driving traffic. These traffics act as a major source for business to get leads and convert them as sales. Out of all search engines, Google has a bigger market share with huge user base. Along with the search engines, the average spend time of the users on social media is increasing in a rapid phase. This makes the business owners to thing whether to choose Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
It is a method of optimizing your webpage to get more organic traffic from different search engines. It involves adding search engine friendly elements to your search website. There are set of rules and approach to do this SEO. Search engine optimization is broadly done on two major areas 1) on-page 2) Off-page.
On-page optimization: Generally refers to a webpage like HTML code, content, images.
Off-page optimization: Refers to back links given to the site from other relevant websites.

Types of SEO:
There are majorly 2 types of SEO White hat and black hat techniques.
White hat technique: Techniques use to improve the SEO ranking based on search engine guidelines are called as white hat technique.
Black hat technique: Techniques deviates the search engine guidelines to increase the search engine rankings are called as Black hat technique.

What is Search Engine Marketing?
SEM – Search engine marketing is specifically a paid search. Business who wants to see quick results shows interest in choosing SEM for their business. Google addwords is one of the popular paid activities in SEM. SEM includes SEO, some of the other techniques included in SEM is as follows.

• PPC (pay per click)
• CPC (cost per click)
• Retargeting
• Geotrageting
• Adwords

Difference between SEO and SEM:
Even though both SEO and SEM work hand and hand, they are not same. SEO is a component of SEM. SEM includes paid search like PPC, CPC and also it includes Social Media Marketing (SMM). Where as SEO is a process of getting free traffic to your website from search engines. One should have proper strategy in both SEO and SEM to get the best returns on the investment. Most of the people use these terms interchangeably.

Which activity is best for your business?
There are different opinions in choosing a right activity for your business. Some will tell its better to go with SEO which is cost effect and easy way. But, Its not a simple task, one should have clear strategy on their target audience and what they are looking for. Some of the new businesses prefer to go with SEM because they don’t have much time to wait and enjoy the SEO benefits so, they run SEM to get immediate results.

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