What Is Static Website?

A static site is one that is normally composed in plain HTML and what is in the code of the page is what is shown to the client. Static Web pages are those with content that can't change without an engineer altering its source code, while dynamic Web pages can show diverse substance from a similar source code.

Static Web pages show precisely the same at whatever point anybody visits it. Static Web pages don't need to be basic plain content. They can highlight point by point sight and sound outline and even recordings. In any case, each guest to that page will be welcomed by precisely the same, sight and sound plan or video each time he visits the page until the point when you modify that page's source code. Hosting of a static website is cheap and easy when compared to the dynamic website.

When you visit the landing page, you are seeing the real landing page record. Static Web pages are less demanding to code and amass than dynamic Web pages, which may highlight adjustable content as indicated by a client's personality or different elements. Static Web pages are otherwise called static sites.

Regardless of the possibility that two pages contain a lump of indistinguishable content, they both contain two forms of the same content. In this way, in the event that you need to refresh the footer, you should do twice.

Adaptability is the fundamental preferred standpoint of a static site - each page can be extraordinary if wanted, to coordinate the format to various substance, and the originator is allowed to put in any embellishments that a customer may request remarkably on various pages. Cost is by and large lower in advance than a dynamic site.

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