What is the difference between static and dynamic Website.

What is Static website?

A static website is a kind of website you can build. Static websites are coded in HTML and CSS only, with no scripting. The only form of interactivity on a static website is hyperlinks. They are easier to code and assemble

Importance of Static Website
  • Static website can be developed in short time when compared to dynamic one.
  • Static websites are economical to develop and it is the best solution for business that runs out of money.
  • The delivering speed of the web servers is quick in terms of static websites.
  • Dedicated servers are available at reasonable prices for hosting.
  • Static websites are simple in structure and helps to transfer in short amount of time from server to client with less processing time.
  • Static websites facilitates with version control which helps to store the work and able to recall whenever needed.

What is a Dynamic Website?
A dynamic website is a website that uses HTML and CSS, but includes website scripting as well it contains information that changes depending on viewers

Importance of Dynamic website
  • Dynamic designs are integrated with high-end programming that enable in making changes easily.
  • It has a neat and well organized .
  • These designs are easier to maintain even though they are loaded with information and graphics.
  • These designs are extremely useful for Electronic-commerce sites and shopping portals as they provide easy navigation through a number of pages. Thus this enhances the user experience.
  • With an advanced graphics, they lend an attractive look for the website.
  • Dynamic websites provide good presentation of contents, designs, and tabs that gives a much sophisticated and professional look to a website.

Difference between Static website and Dynamic Website.
  • Dynamic websites can be easily upgraded by end users. Static websites is difficult to upgrade
  • The theme of website and content of website are fixed. Website designs and content can be changed on runtime
  • With the help of markup language static websites loads quickly whereas dynamic websites delays to load because of more processing time.
  • Static website provides information to their clients like an organization website. Dynamic website is where content changes frequently. Like a Electronic-commerce site etc.
  • Static website directly run on browser and does not require other internet application language. This website can be created from HTML and CSS .Dynamic website run the application on server and the result will be display on webpage. So this requires server application language like PHP, JSP etc.
  • Static websites are easy to develop and a experienced person can develop it. But in casa of Dynamic websites it cannot be developed easily because it require qualify developers to create it, manage it, test it and maintain security of application and database.
  • In Static website if you want to change the page content then you has to upload that page on server many times. Dynamic sites provide some facilities that it possible to change the page content using server application. There is no need to upload the page on server

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