Responsive design and its importance:

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of the search results are come from a mobile device. This shows the importance of creating a website with responsiveness.

Earlier people used to create multiple sites for their website so that the users can access their site in different devices. Managing multiple sites has become a tedious job for small business owners. And also it’s a cost and time consuming process. With responsive design option this bottleneck has been eliminated and gives an optimized browsing experience to the users. 

History of responsive web design:
Even though the responsive website design concept has emmerged in the year 2004, it has been widely called as “The year of responsive web design” in 2013. From then the industry started practicing the responsive design concept. In 2015 Google has announced a change in their search engine algorithms, which gives priority to responsive web sites. From April, 2015 Google started rewarding the responsive sites and penalize those which are not. Sites which are not optimized for smaller screens will experience a decline in their search engine rankings.

How it works:
Responsive website is a single site which cater to multiple devices. If a user access your website in a mobile design, the site will structured according the screen and show the same content which shows in a desktop version. In the same way if the user checks the site in any device with different screen resolution, the site works with a fluid structure. With the responsive site we have the liberty to show limited content in the smaller devices.

Another most important advantage of having a responsive website is its scalability. In future if there is a new device introduced in the market then the site will get accommodate to the new devices. Since the responsive design is already prepared to meet those new device screen size, we don’t required much of coding effort.

What is an Adaptive and Responsive means:
Let take some time to understand the different between Adaptive and responsive mean.
Adaptive: These websites are totally different site that are created to a specific devices, i.e a mobile site is totally different from the desktop site. Adaptive websites are created with minimal information which is required. 

Responsive: We have already seen what a responsive design is. There is only one website where the content rearranges depending on the devices screen size.  

Over the past 5 years there is an exponential growth in using mobile and smart phones to browse the internet. So the website users are expecting an optimized browsing experience on the website. If the site is not fluid according their devices then it will result in negative impression. In the initial stage companies has identified these expatiations from the user end and try to create a separate mobile site. But, the maintenance costs for multi sites are challenging and not an affordable option for small business owners. With responsive designs it becomes easy for them to manage a site which works across different devices. Now responsive designs become a standard industry practice for web design companies.

Conclusion: Any website regardless of their business it is worth to create it as a responsive website. This feature will serve the audience with an optimal browsing experience.

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