We are looking for enthusiastic professionals who have a good local contact sphere and want to build a career in sales and service.
Web Bazaar introduces new products based on market demand. You would sell products covered by the franchisee agreement. Currently Web Bazaar offers websites and SEO services.
The Web Bazaar target market consists mainly of startups, home based businesses, medium sized businesses, small scale industries, traders, local banks, NGOs, Educational institutions, Non-trading Concerns. Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and other Working Professionals. 70% of our customer base is services enterprises with revenues of Rs. 10 lacs and above.
We are looking for enthusiastic professionals who have a good local contact sphere and want to build a career in sales and service.
Typically a Web Bazaar Franchise can be setup in 1-2 weeks
Web Bazaar franchisee setup requires an investment in the range of Rs. 1.5 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs depending upon the size of the market. This investment covers franchisee fee, overheads and your working capital requirements.
Web Bazaar does not profit out of the franchisee fee. Web Bazaar promises to spend at least 70% of the franchisee fee towards local marketing in consultation with you helping you develop the initial brand. The balance 30% goes towards paying for R&D, training and nationally run marketing campaigns.
If you are already in business with at least 100 customers, you can sign up as our authorized partner with our franchisee office. Please get in touch here for more details.
To run a Web Bazaar franchise you will need a basic work force consisting of a Sales Executive and a Telecaller. As your business grows you can always expand as required.
You can run a Web Bazaar franchisee office as efficiently as you would like. You would have to spend on rent, electricity, staff salaries, conveyance etc.
Web Bazaar offers Extensive Training support for all its new franchisees
Training about our product
Sales and Marketing training
Technical training about our product
Web Bazaar franchisee can be operated from a commercial location (preferred) as well as from a residential location provided the office has a separate entrance.
Website business is all about establishing credibility and trust with the customer and a physical location in a well known business area gives the necessary confidence to your customers in the brand. An office in a commercial complex can give the necessary visibility to generate footfalls for additional sales.
6-18 months depending on how soon sales targets are met.
A Franchisee can expect an ROI of 18-24% per year.
Once the franchise is setup, we offer continuous
Plan of Operations
Telemarketing Support
Domestic and National Advertising
Marketing Support
Complete Technical Support
Support for recruitment
Web Bazaar leverages the learnings from one market in another market. We provide all the necessary collaterals to our franchisee for marketing successfully.
Call center output depends on the database and call script. We encourage our franchisee partners to actively work with our call center for database generation. With a good database, a franchisee can expect anywhere from 1-2 meetings per day from the call center.
At this point of time our call center has Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and English support. We would add other languages as required.

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