What is Social media marketing?

What is social media marketing and how it helps the small business

A process of improving visibility and traffic through social networking sites are called as social media marketing. Apart from the website now almost all the business are creating a presence in social media platforms. This show how important is social networking site. Social media sites are playing a crucial role in creating a brand awareness of small business. And also it becomes a cost effect option for small businesses.

The recent study shows that average time spends on social media site are increase in last few years and it going to boom further more. Most of the digital marketing agencies suggest the small business owners to have their presence on social media and also started marketing on social media.
  • Some of the popular social networking sites are as below:
  • Facbook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Importance of social media in business:
We are seeing that social media is continuously booming like never. With this constant growth every small business need to explore different social networking sites in best possible way. Social media is not only for promoting your business but, also it is a medium to connect with your customers in a better way. As per the research more than 60% of the users are interested to recommend a business, brand if they had a positive experience on social media.

Every year there is a sharp increase in using social media on mobile devices. Today millions of businesses are using Facebook for their business promotion. Traditional advertising methods like newspaper, TV, radio adds, are overtaken by social media marketing. Because, social media marketing is cheaper when we compare with other advertising methods. For ex. We can run a facebook campaign for just Rs.100 and check how the pulse of the campaign. This liberty attracts the small business owners to show more interest on social media marketing.

With social media marketing you have an option to target specific audience where as the traditional advertising method doesn’t give you that opportunity. Offline advertising is not feasible to do a trial and error approach in doing adds. With social media advertisement we can invest a very small amount and check the results and conversions, based on that you gradually increase your add budget.

How to increase your brand awareness through social media:
Social media plays an important role in increasing your brand awareness. Some of tips are mentioned below.
  • Locate your target audience: Before choosing your social media platform, figure out where your target audiences are coming from. Based on that choose the right platform.
  • Create eye catchy ads: Once you finalized the platform, concentrate more and creating eye catchy ads. If it is a Facebook book, invest time on create nice banner as per the facebook recommendations. When it comes to visual add, images speak more than content, which play a big role in growing your brand awareness.
  • Get engage with your audience: Social media are good platform to build a relationship with your customer. Keep engaging with your audience so that you can grab attention of your users.  

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