What is content management system?

What is CMS (Content Management System)?, evaluate the below points

CMS stands for “Content management system”. It is a software application which allows the user to manage their content, data of a website with some permission levels. It has the capabilities of managing a website or an application with multiuser. It doesn’t require a core technical knowledge to handle. The word CMS has been more popular in web development industry. CMS make it easy for a web developer, user to manage his/her website and publish easily. Earlier if a business owner want to manage / update his website then he need to approach a software company or a freelances, which involve costing. With the revolution of CMS tool, the website management has become more handy for business owners. CMS are available as web based interface and installable applications.

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Features of a CMS (Content Management System):
Below are some of the common features of CMS (Content Management System).
  • Module based features
  • SEO friendly URL structure Dynamic web pages
  • Dynamic menu management
  • Template based editor
  • Inbuilt font, script for modules
  • Installation wizards
  • Log system

Some of the popular CMS (Content Management System) tools:
There are so many options available in market in choosing a CMS platform. Some of the popular cms tools are listed below.
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Webex panel
  • Magento ( for ecommerce )
  • SliverStripe
  • Radiant CMS (Content Management System)

Advantages of a CMS (Content Management System):
Below are some of the advantages of using a Content Management System.
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Easy use for non technical people
  • Multi access permissions
  • Simple to change design
  • Minimum turnaround time on content updates and new page creation
  • Security

How to choose a Content Management System:
It is critical for a business to choose a right CMS platform. There are many vendors in the market who provide CMS tool for free as well as for cost. It will be hard to choose a right one which suit to your business. Below point can help you in evaluating a content management system.
  • Ease of integration process
  • Multi-access facility
  • Version controlling system
  • Security measures
  • Theme options
  • Multi format supporting
  • External integration options
  • Reports and downloading
  • Usability
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Page loading speed
  • Easy Navigations
  • Social media options
  • IT (hardware, software) requirements
  • Documentation
  • Scalability

Before evaluating a CMS tool, it is required for a business owner to identify their business goals and requirements. Based on that, the CMS evaluation can give them a clear picture on how the platform will benefit their business.

Conclusion: The use of content management system is increasing gradually. The primary goal of a CMS tool is to make the user in managing their website content quickly without much dependency. More are more small business owners are showing interested in converting their website to content management system platform.
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