Basic things to do in a SEO activity

List of basic things need to do in off-page and on-page Optimization

There are some basic things which need to be done in a SEO activity. Some of them are list below.

Avoid content duplication: When it come to SEO, content is king. For every website, content is a crucial part. Most of the people try to copy the content from a different source which bounces back negatively. Search engine like Google penalize the sites which has duplicate content.

Use descriptive and short URL: A good URL structure contribute in improving your rank. It is recommended to have the URL structure short with descriptive. It will a user friendly and help them in what page they are into. If you have lengthy url’s then you can use url shortners or you can rewrite them. Don’t stuff the more keywords in your url structure.

Add proper title tags: Title tags are a HTML code which specifies the tile of the webpage. Usually these tags are placed in the header section of the page. In on-page optimization title tags are one of the important elements. Proper title tags will help in boosting your site ranking. In search engines these title tags will be displayed as headlines.

Adding meta description: In the search results you can see these meta description. It is a description of the page which get optimized in the search results. This description should have add with proper keywords to get it listed in the relevant search.

Enable search engine friendly navigation: Before ranking your page, search engines first index it. If the architecture of the site navigation should be search engine friendly. Avoid using navigations in flash, javascript.

Write quality content: As we already discussed, content is the king of a website. So, it is very important for a webmaster to write a quality, unique and user centric content for his website. Some people thing by adding more keyword in the content will improve their ranking but, if the meaningless content with full of keyword will offer little value to your visitors. And also adding duplicate content will push back your site in the search results.

Check your keyword density: Website content with relevant keywords is important. To many repeated keywords will lead to bane your site from search engines. It is recommended to have the keyword density between 2 – 5 % in some case 1 -3 also works

Add proper body tags: Content with smaller paragraphs is most preferred by the users. Heading should be properly added with heading tags like H1, H2, H3. This will make the crawlers identify the difference between the contents.

Create social media presence: This is one of Off-page technique; since the use of social network is highly increased it is recommended to have a presence on social networking sites. This will help in making your website, blog popular and create back links as well. Some of the other Off-page techniques are.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Forum Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Question and Answer
  • Video Submission
  • Document Sharing
  • Image Submission

Summary: There are many other techniques which are part of your Off-page and On-page optimization. Some of them which are listed above will help in improve your website traffic if we implement collectively in the websites.
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