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Lead Nurturing
Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.
Enhance Your Business With More Leads!!
Lead nurturing encourages you to exist on the channels where your customers are present, engage them and improve the possibility that they will start a relationship with your business.

It helps in developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer's journey. It focuses on marketing and sales on listening to the requirements of prospects and rendering the information and answers they need.
Some tips about your leads' engagement  (potential and existing customers)
Determine what segment of leads to target
It is not sufficient to simply collect leads and hand them over to sales. It’s essential to understand that every lead is different, and must be handled as such.  First segment your leads by understanding their prospects, needs, and expectations to target them properly.
Multiple Methods to target
Prospects receive an average of 10 suggestions from the time they enter the top of the funnel until they’re a closed-won customer.
Map each stage of your lead
It’s important to communicate with your leads and to determine which stage they are at. Determine whether they are listening to your products and services or have they been exploring for the right products and services. Are they matching your offerings/discounts to those of your competitors?

If you understand your customers based on the above questions its easy for you to make them trust you. For buyers to trust you, you have to show them that you are listening and that you are talking to them, specifically.
Timely Follow-Ups
The odds of a lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after an inbound lead converts on your website.
Determine the timing
By sharing relevant and suitable content at the right stages of the sales process, your message is more likely to reach the right people at the right time.
Personalized targeting
Personalized targeting generates up to 6 times higher revenue per email than non-personalized do.
Lead Scoring
68% of successful marketers order lead scoring based on commitment as the most effective tactic for improving revenue enrichment from lead nurturing.
Determine a sequence of calls-to-action
It’s all about listening to your leads and engaging them to take you through the sales process. Personalize and customize to meet the needs of the specific person to reach. Make them understand the benefits and features of your product.
Sales and Marketing Alignment
89% of businesses that align their sales and marketing lead nurturing efforts report measurable advances in the number of sales opportunities generated.
Here are some great statistics that support the lead nurturing process being significant to revenue:
Nurtured leads produce, an average 20% improvement in sales possibilities as opposed to non-nurtured leads.
79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the basic cause of poor performance.
Companies with mature lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales share achievement rate.
In-person meetings, email, and content marketing are the top three lead nurturing strategies
47% of marketers believe email marketing is the most effective lead nurturing tactic
Marketing automation in lead nurturing brings a 45% increase in qualified leads

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