A myriad of questions start pouring in when a customer signs up with us. Naturally, sometimes it may be hard to answer each and every question in detail. However, at the same time we realize that no question is small or useless and in order to make the entire experience smooth sailing for all parties involved we have compiled this list of FAQs about the website packages, features etc.

When you decide the design of the website and give us the images and content, we can design your website in 7 working days. We know each business is one of a kind and we will ensure your site is interesting too. You can browse the extensive variety of formats we offer as a beginning stage and we will redo the choose layout to give you an extraordinary plan. Our administrations are customized to meet your prerequisites to an ideal fit. The day you agree to accept our administration and make the main installment that is the point at which your membership cycle starts. You should recharge your membership consistently keeping in mind the end goal to keep you to enjoy our services.

Our eCommerce Solution Checklist sets you up for your initial meeting with an eCommerce designer.By helping you set up a more solid vision of your ultimate objective, engineers can better give you a gauge of how much time and materials will cost, help you with strategizing your eCommerce arrangement and make proposals in ease of use. Your initial meeting will be more gainful with this agenda close by!

  • What pages does your eCommerce site require?
  • What highlights does your eCommerce site require?
  • What web programs ought to be upheld?

Once you finalise the website design and give us the images and content you will like to have, we can publish your website in 7 working days.
We know every business is unique and we will make sure your website is unique as well. You can choose from the wide range of templates we offer as a starting point and we will customize the selected template to give you your own unique design. Our services are personalized to meet your requirements to the best possible fit.
The day you sign up for our service and make the first payment that is when your subscription cycle begins. You will have to renew your subscription every year in order to continue enjoying our services.
Yes, we will buy the domain on your behalf and you will be the owner of the Domain. Yes, you will be able to get your own domain name. We need to mention that the domain will be purchased subject to availability.
You will be the owner of the Domain as well as your website. Web Bazaar will be just the administrator and technical contact for your domain for as long as your subscription with us continues. We will be taking care of the background details like renewals, modifications, server upgrades etc.
The maintenance of your site is Web Bazaar's responsibility as long as your subscription continues with Web Bazaar. You can use the Content Management System for making any content or image related change on your site by yourself.
We will not only design, develop and maintain your site, but also host it for you. The package offered includes hosting cost as well. So you do not need to take on the additional hassle of booking and renewing your hosting space with different vendors. We will take care of all your needs throughout.
We are now hosted via Amazon and our installation is based in Singapore
Web Bazaar's offering is a hosted, subscription based model and the CMS based websites we create can be hosted on our servers only. As a result we cannot host sites on other servers.
We offer unlimited space. The space is defined by the no.of pages in the package chosen. For more details please check the packages we have on offer and the Add ons we offer too.
We work fast, and typically it should not take more than 3 working days to complete the change request sent by our client on the CMS to the Web Bazaar team. Alternatively you can use our CMS to make small changes yourself.
Yes, along with your website package we do provide you with business email ids. Additional email ids can be purchased later. Ex: yourname@yourcompany.com
All the email addresses created will be treated as a new email id, irrespective of the one that you want us to delete or recreate. The extra email ids can be bought in batches of 5.
We use third party providers who use Spam and antivirus filters in order to protect your emails from any kind of violation.
We will send you a weekly website traffic update that gives a detailed report of your website. Additionally you can purchase an add-on analytics package if you would like to analyze traffic reports yourself.
Definitely, you can buy additional features or upgrade your account any time during your subscription. You can check out the add-on packages we have on offer.
You have unlimited editing access to the website you create using the Web Bazaar CMS. Alternatively you can always contact our team to carry out changes for your website. Please check our CMS section if you have more queries.
Yes. You can add your own images to the site. Please note that the images can be in jpg, gif format only. Also, please ensure that the images are not too big as it could hamper your site's performance.
We have tied up with some professional content writers in our network and they write professional web content for all our clients. However, this may cost you additionally depending on the number of pages you need to be written for your site.
Online catalog is a web replica of the pamphlets/brochures which carry the entire range of products the business offers. It acts like an online showcase where the business owner can upload images of the product which he/she sells in order to give the clients a better idea on the same.
An Online Form will help in improving your web presence and give your website a dynamic edge. We can design the form as per your requirements and when a customer fills out the details of the form on your website and clicks SUBMIT, you receive an email for the same. The online form help you get much closer to your customer.
Web Bazaar will send you reminder email at an interval of 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day prior to your domain renewal/ subscription renewal. This is done to ensure that you do not miss your renewal dates. However in case of no response or failing to make the payments before the scheduled date , the same will be deemed as an end of subscription and Web Bazaar( will discontinue hosting the website) will be legally authorized to bring the site down
We will provide you with configuration settings to download and manage your emails from desktop applications like Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
Either Customer or Web Bazaar may terminate or cancel Customer's Account (or any part of the Service) at any time, Web Bazaar will not refund any prepaid fees upon such termination or cancellation. For more details please check our Terms and Conditions.
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