Best eCommerce platform 2017 key features of an ecommerce website:

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Opencart as an ecommerce platform and how it help small business owner.

The best eCommerce platform to go with is OpenCart is an online resource that was built to make life easier for merchants and customers to interact. Based on Open Source environment, this shopping cart solution gives you to ability to have your business be search engine friendly with a user interface that is welcoming and inviting.

And the virtual environment, every online merchant needs to come across different eCommerce solutions for choosing the right one. Among the numerous eCommerce platforms available in the market, OpenCart is being recognized as a top-end solution which, combines simplicity,

Simple store setup
Having a straight setup process is one of the significant benefits of this platform. This platform was typically built while keeping the users in mind. Both of the online merchants and advanced users will be able to develop an eCommerce store. All you need to do is follow a simple procedure:

Install OpenCart.
  • Choose an OpenCart theme among the numerous options.
  • Add the products and provide the product details.
  • Configure modules and functions like payment, languages and shipment methods.

Usability and performance
Site speed is the focal point which extensively affects the shopping experience of users. Being a light eCommerce solution it uses the AJAX technology for minimizing the load time and increasing the store speed as well.

The admin panel is quite easy to use which; do not require you to spend much time while getting through the learning curve. Result, managing the store becomes simpler as a pie. Moreover, it provides users with the scope of using numerous attributes for increasing usability for clients which, include; smart site structure for simplifying shop navigation, one-page checkout, handy search and much more.

Multi-store functionality
It supports a series of multi store functions that helps users to manage a number of stores with a single admin panel. It means you will be able to perform multiple tasks which, include:
  • Setting up different groups of customers for all the stores.
  • Localize all the stores for different nations by placing different default languages, currencies and tax class.
  • Make use of different themes for different shops.
  • Deal with single inventory across multiple stores.

It’s a free and open source shopping cart which, doesn’t compel you to incur any installation cost. Furthermore, it will help you to facilitate easy store management and customization well. You will be able to choose in between the range of free themes or to opt for a paid one to fetch exclusive design.

eCommerce is not new technology. It has been running from 10 years back. From the back to current eCommerce technology has changed the lots for business profiles and vital product, pricing and retailer client details on more than 1,200 application developers and service providers in 23 different e-commerce market segments. These changes make it better.

The time for gaining and achieving the some more features to stay away for staying long time in the eCommerce market. In the eCommerce technology development of eCommerce solutions and vendors are running and continues developing the best features to make it useful and perfect for their client.

The most important thing is how you find the right ecommerce for your business, what do they have the quality? Basically it is important to know much that unique features of eCommerce Technology have included.

The unique features of e-commerce technology include:
Ubiquity: It is available just about everywhere and at all times. Consumers connect to the Internet at any time, including at their homes, their offices, on their video game systems with an Internet connection and mobile phone devices.

Global reach: The potential market size is roughly equal to the size of the online population of the world. eCommerce Technology through traditional cultural and national boundaries and makes worldwide access to the client. eCommerce website have ability to translate the multilingual websites as well as allow the access to international visitors all over the world.

The whole online tradition is growing and expanding their features in the world. eCommerce Technology provide us powerful application to access our social networking and online eCommerce store any time and everywhere.

Information density: The total amount and the quality of information available to all market participants is vastly increased and is cheaper to deliver. Most business owners use the shopping cart and do the order of product and purchasing online. Online shopping is the process allows the consumer and company to receive personal details, product delivery, billing and payment information from a customer all at once and sends the customer information to the appropriate departments in a matter of second priority.


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