Software Tester

Position - Software Tester
Reports to - Product Manager
Experience - 0.6 to 1 yrs
Location - Bangalore, Karnataka
No. of Positions: - 1


This person is responsible for creating an end-to-end test plan; executing the plan and managing all activities in the plan to ensure that all the objectives are met and that the solution works as expected. The solution should be tested in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, stability and compatibility with other legacy- and / or external systems.
To make sure that testing is well defined, planned and executed. The analyst does this by ensuring that every phase and feature of the software solution is tested and that any potential issue is identified and fixed before the product goes live.
The Quality Assurance Analyst – Backend Testing role is focused on testing the database portion of the software solution; how the database interacts with the software solution.
The Functional Tester is the everyday blackbox software tester.
The Automated Tester designs automated test scripts and deploys these scripts using automation software like QuickTest Professional, Rational Functional Tester, SilkTest and VisualStudio Test Professional. Because test automation is not effective for all kinds of tests, the automated tester must make determinations as to what portion of the overall test will benefit from automation.

Job Requirements:

-- Clear communicator (written and verbal) – to ensure ability to write test plans and test cases. To communicate bugs to developers and other stakeholders
-- Creative solving of technical problems – to ensure the ability translate technical requirements test plans
-- Ability to focus on deadlines and deliverables – ensures the ability to find the bad defects and bugs quickly
-- Experiences in Quality Management Software and Processes
-- Knowledge and experience in technical aspects of software solution being tested
-- Business process understanding

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