HR Executive

Position - HR Executive
Reports to - CEO
Experience - 2 years to 3 years
Qualification - Any Graduate
Location - Bangalore

Recruitment :

-- Understanding manpower requisition from the concerned department.
-- Understanding the requirement and accordingly drafting a job description and getting it approved from the concerned person.
-- Sourcing candidates that match the desired skills.
-- Screening the candidates by conducting telephonic or personal interviews as the case may be.
-- Encouraging the employees to provide reference for better prospects.
-- Arranging for technical interview and coordinating with the concerned person.
-- Communicating the employment status to the applied candidates.
-- Maintaining and updating the database of the candidates.
-- Doing a background verification of the shortlisted candidates.

Induction and On-boarding :

-- When a particular candidate is finalised and selected, giving him offer letter or letter of intent On joining the services, issuing appointment letter with brief working agreement or policies.
-- Giving a description on the policies, procedures and culture followed by the company.
-- Properly filing relevant document of the new joinee as required.
-- Introducing him/her to the team and supervisor and/or manager.
-- Explaining the mode of communication.
-- Coordinating with the IT team to get his email id made.

HR Policies and HR Manual :

-- If the company do not have an HR Manual, drafting the same for the company.
-- Making or Amending the existing policies and procedures.

Attendance and Leave records :

-- Keeping a track of the attendance of the employees.
-- Filing the leave forms and keeping a track of the leaves taken.
-- Seeing to it that there is not much absenteeism on any given day.
-- Seeing to it that no employee is irregular and if there are such people, taking corrective and/or preventive measures.

Performance Management :

-- Helping the seniors do performance appraisal in a better way by adopting better appraisal practices.

Employee Engagement :

-- Keeping a track on employee turnover and exit rate.
-- Taking initiatives to engage the staff to their work.
-- Taking the surveys in order to understand their engagement level and accordingly take actions.
-- Planning events or activities regularly or on some occassions, getting those approved by senior management and implementing those.

Workforce Management :

-- Handling the staff so that people are not dissatisfied with each other.
-- Handling cross culture things.
-- See to it that there is no grouping or no dissatisfied person.
-- Other employee related issues.

Statutory Compliance :

-- Leaves – as per the act that is applicable to you.
-- minimum salary pf / esic / medical deductions as applica :ble other compliance

Exit Formalities :

-- Conducting exit interviews of candidates who are resigning.
-- Trying to get constructive feedback for company and trying to implement the corrective measures for them.
-- Helping the person to be relieved properly.
-- Issuing relieving letter and letter of experience.
-- Doing the full and final settlement for the person.

Compensation and Benefits :

-- Designing the salary structure for employees.
-- Helping employees save tax by advising them on tax benefits plans and other investment options Calculating the Gratuity, Handling PF accounts, etc.

Employee Motivation and T&D/L&D

-- Many organizations have training sessions for their employees.
-- You can provide internal training by checking who has what to contribute and accordingly plan a training session.
-- On the contrary you can also hire trainers with specific skills.
-- You can also send motivational mails to employee on regular basis.

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