SEO is a specialized technique used to optimize your web site, to be Search engine friendly and increase your chances of placing well in search results made on the internet. Without proper optimization, the chances of coming on the top in Search engine results (SERPs) for the keywords relevant to your business are low.
Search friendly design means, to make a site that is easy for the search engines to read and index. Search engines can't read or index some of the following like Flash animation, Java Scripts, PHP or data base driven content, and have a hard time properly indexing these pages. Some words may cause your site to be penalized for inappropriate content. Many engines and directories hate Automated Submissions; many consider them SPAM and may ban your domain for their use. There are many aspects to consider, for achieving the "Top of the List" on Google, MSN and Yahoo. If your site is not search friendly and you’re not getting the traffic you want, let our optimization experts help redesign your site to offer the best chance of top positions.
The way a website is built is fundamental to how it performs in the search engine rankings. Each major search engine has its own way of indexing websites, their pages, their content and their keywords. Search engines use "spiders" and "search bots" (computer software) that crawl through each website submitted to them. If your website isn't optimized these search bots and spiders can’t crawl your site, which will limit your rank within the search engines. Web Bazaar maintains search engine friendly norms for building websites, this is to ensure that your site is crawled by the search engines and targets the right areas of the site so that you can rank for specific keywords.
Yes, SEO does increase your company value. Websites that are SEO optimized and high ranked create business, they increase the visibility of your website and bring more number of potential customers hence, more sale.
Let’s take a sample case, Does SEO help to promote a small local grocery in your neighborhood to earn more? If you want that more number of people land to your website and eventually become buyers, SEO is effective mostly for Internet businesses. Do you have a business that is meant to generate business from the internet then you seriously need a SEO.
SEO is a specific technique, Google and other search engines keep on updating their search algorithms and ranking parameters every 6 to 12 months and it takes years of trial and error and continuous learning to keep up to date with what works the best in the Search Engines. If you have tremendous time to study the industry and implement all the best suggestions (which ones are best, wait and research every single technique yourself!) then doing SEO yourself may be the best. Or, you can leave it to experts like us who have mastered the techniques and can confidently say we can get the required results for you.
Here are a few ground tips to increase your website ranking.
1. Make sure your Website is designed with Search Engine friendliness in mind.
2. Avoid usage of(text in) flash because it cannot be read by the Search Engines.
3. Perform extensive keyword phrase research and analysis and include your final keywords into your content.
4. Build as many back links, a.k.a. inbound links, to your Website as possible to help build Page Rank (PR)
5. Never employ deceitful methods and/or black hat techniques to fool Search Engines or visitors And many more… So we would make your website more search engine friendly such that it gets more optimized.
Google needs minutes to weeks depending on your site to index it or new content appearing on it. 54% say Google Indexes new sites within a week. But, It doesn’t means that you come up in the search engine ranking pages in a week for the target keywords you want to, without a proper SEO it may take some extra time to get your website visible for the target keywords that are specific to your business.
Usually results will show up as soon as your page is spidered (Crawled by the search engines). Depending on how long this takes it could be days. There is no fixed duration for seeing fully optimized results but you can check regularly and monitor any difference in ranking, you can monitor the visits from your admin dashboard or weekly traffic reports which we send. The key is to apply good SEO methods and test your efforts before using the tools available.
Organic search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the traffic towards your website by making it more prominent in search engine results using specific targeted keywords. The organic search results service comes into your SEO package, and you do not have to pay separately, as you would with pay per click advertising like with Google ad words or other. Unlike with paid work and searches the benefits of organic search engine optimization can be seen once the initial work has been done and the results will continue to appear for an indefinite period of time.

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