SEO Mistakes to be avoided in 2016 for Better Search Engine Results – Part II

In our last blog, we discussed about the SEO mistakes which should be avoided in the second half of 2016 for better search engine results and covered the first mistake of the series. In this blog we will talk about the second SEO mistake which should be avoided in the second half of 2016 for better search engine results.

What is the second major SEO mistake which should be avoided?

SEO Mistake 2: Still using the same old techniques to identify keywords.

Change is the only thing that will never change. The same applies in every corner of life and SEO is no different. There is a drastic difference between what was trending six months ago and now. To put it in simple equations, what was prominent 10 days ago, holds no value now. Such is the way the online world is changing. It is rapid, drastic and equally exciting to watch.

You are bound to be challenged in a highly competitive online market. With sound competitors who changes algorithms and bring in lots of effort around you, the online space is a tough place to be in. To match those, it is important to stay niche of the market everytime. One slight dozing, and you are gone. The keywords you choose for your SEO service should be relevant and it should be up-to- date. Your keywords should meet the latest trends and should fetch searches.

You should be constantly on the go and adapt and tweak strategies quickly to meet the competition. There are many examples of people and businesses who decided to stick to same indefinitely and faced despairing falls. To avoid the same fate, be prepared when you decided to go for SEO service.

What kind of preparation should go into place in choosing keywords before implementing SEO Services?

Before going on the floor, do a brief research on the current trends and keywords which are associated with your website or the online business you cater to. It helps you to have a clear idea about the market and will help you to move the latest trends. Same goes with keyword also. It helps you to come up with latest keywords in concurrent with the new age Internet users.

More you do the research, better you prepare the content for your website. The requirements and questions of the Internet users or your potential customers will be different. What makes it work is the way you respond to their questions with better content having latest keywords and SEO techniques.

Before implementing SEO, it is natural that you will already have a few sets of keywords in your head which you think that may work. But a strong research will give an idea whether those keywords are still popular or holds any relevance in the market. If it doesn’t, then, your keywords need a major revamp before implementing the SEO techniques. Make sure all your doubts are cleared. Having a strong set of keywords and implementing those effectively will automatically take your website a note above your competitors.

Published by Mohammed Abeer , Content Developer.

SEO Mistakes to be avoided in 2016 for Better Search Engine Results

We are half way to the year 2016, and by now you have a substantial data to do a retrospect whether your SEO plans has worked out for you or not. Basically, evaluation of SEO Service and strategy is down to a few questionnaires;

Did the SEO strategy you adapted has brought in any benefit for you?
Did you manage to stay on top of your keyword goals and research?
Did you keep a keen eye on your competitors activities and performance?
Midway in the year, and is there any major SEO mistakes in the year 2016 till now?

If you are doing everything about it right, then brilliant. But the bottom line is, to stay on top of the ranking and search for the rest of the year, you need to put the same effort on SEO Service, if not more. Online Marketing has become the face of every business today and it will only have an upward steep in the coming years.

In a nutshell, SEO is nothing but adaptation and strategy. Shifting your process to new algorithms and guidelines is what turns out to be the decisive factors. If you are not doing it right, then it won’t take long for you to be a story of the past. Are you going to spend your valuable time, energy and effort doing the catch up game or sit back and spend it wisely to stay at the top? The choice is your’s!

First and foremost, avoid mistakes beforehand so that you don’t have to fall behind and force yourself to play the catch up game. It’s not fun when you see your competitors leaping away with the results and you still in the pit figuring out what to do. Each SEO service mistake or an unscientific SEO strategy you choose, will bring huge dent on your chances of coming on the top and staying there for long.

In this series, will tell you about the SEO mistakes which should be avoided and also the steps to be taken to avoid those SEO mistakes in the next five months of 2016. Today, we start with the first chapter of the series.

SEO Mistakes to be avoided:

SEO Mistake 1: Failing to Protect your Online Account, it’s credentials and other vital Research Data.

Cybersecurity should be your topmost priority. Since the turn of this century, one constant threat which tends to keep growing is hacking and hackers. Always on the go, hackers are constantly in look for their online prey. Ironically, it includes marketing professionals and website owners. If you haven’t protected your Online account yet, soon you will end up as another victim of a cyber attack from various malicious sources.

Follow these steps to secure your website and your online accounts.

Protect your email accounts. Every SEO Services, Online Marketing related or connected to your website are done through an email account along with your other online accounts, assets, data and contacts. It is one point of contact and the channel where communications and data are stored and passed. Hacking your Online account can turn ugly and bring catastrophic effects. Apply every possible protections available to safeguard your email account.

Make sure you use Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your device when you are connected to an unprotected Public Network or while you are travelling. A VPN is a tool which is used to connect a device to an off-site server through and encrypted connection. VPNs will hide the IP address of your device. It’s an added layer of protection and you can access any service or browse any websites while connected to a public network.

Be particular and make sure you use a secure and error free cloud storage system or an external hard drive to store your ideas and spreadsheets. Your ideas are the end result of numerous tireless working hours of yours. Losing it without a trail is the last thing you want out of this.

Published by Mohammed Abeer , Content Developer .